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‘Women in Mining Kazakhstan’ (WIM KZ) seeks to help women in the mining industry in their career progression and professional development. Membership provides access to global and national platforms with national and global experts and professional leaders from across the mining sector, in addition to government organisations, civil society and researchers. Through this network, ‘Women in Mining Kazakhstan’ ensures the exchange of ideas and best practices and the extension and strengthening of professional relations. WIM KZ’s network bolsters events and mentoring programmes that aim to empower and promote the increasing role of women across all levels of the energy sector. Such empowerment will ensure the development of future leaders that embrace a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Mission Statement

‘Women in Mining Kazakhstan’ advances the prominence of the mining sector and the significance of women to it. As an industry that represents almost a quarter of GDP, mining is a growing and globally connected sector that provides many career paths, yet only 1/5 of employees are women. Our goal is to empower females to become leaders in this field. With our global network, we connect academics and leading professionals to promote an informed understanding of how women can lead in this national industry and strengthen professional relationships with exclusive events, publications and success stories.

Established in early 2020, ‘Women in Mining Kazakhstan’ aims at strengthening the participation of women in the mining sector of Kazakhstan. Membership is open to women and men across the industry at no cost. For all employees across the mining sector, ‘Women in Mining Kazakhstan’ provides essential information and ample networking opportunities to all members, promotes the roles of women in the mining industry and reveals how the industry is a great career choice for women. Working in partnership with international women's associations in mining, we are an officially registered independent organisation in Kazakhstan with established contacts in the local and global mining sector, open to cooperation with anyone interested in working with us.

‘Women in Mining Kazakhstan’ promotes career aspirations and progress of women across the mining industry. We advocate and speak for women in the mining sector, informing decision-makers about the challenges and opportunities women face in the mining field and related sectors.

We partner with responsible and leading mining companies and other industry figures to head and promote the need for diversity, inclusion and the economic advancement of women, drawing on business research directly relevant to corporate economics and business leadership to demonstrate how the inclusion of women is a benefit to all.


Gulzhan Kozhabayeva, Director

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